"Lucia, has been solving our child's "puzzle" in a truly holistic way. She has not only helped our child achieve enormous progress, but has also provided us with guidance and support. We are thankful to have her in our lives, and for all that she has helped our son accomplish." 

"My daughter loves visiting Lucia and I feel lucky to have found her.  She is warm, patient, and extremely knowledgeable in her field.  After working with Lucia for just a few months, we have seen tremendous improvements in my daughter's oral motor skills."          

"Lucia is one of the most talented speech pathologists I have ever met.  She is very sharp and she understands my child's needs.  She gave me very valuable insights at the end of each speech session. I appreciate her very much!" 
"With Lucia, there is no risk of settling into fruitless routine: she is constantly looking for new techniques to try, new theories to follow, new ideas to apply, new activities for keeping my child interested.  She has a truly holistic approach to speech issues.  Also, she is perfectly fluent in three languages: English, Spanish, and French, which makes her one very versatile therapist."     

"My child has been seeing Lucia for over two years and the results speak for themselves.  Lucia has a holistic approach to the child's diagnosis and does not just focus on the obvious.  Our child has come such a long way. " 

"After searching for an SLP who fully understands our child's needs, we were very fortunate to be referred to Lucia. She is fantastic with children and clearly understands our daughter's conditions. After starting therapy with Lucia, we now have hope that, with appropriate intervention, our daughter's conditions can be significantly improved."