My Story

I am a licensed clinical speech-language pathologist with a Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) from the American Speech-Language Hearing association.  I have a license from the North Carolina State Board of Examiners and State of California Board of Medical Quality Assurance in Speech Pathology.  I am trained in Early Childhood Special Education. I have practiced speech pathology across the United States, France and Singapore for 21 years and consequently have gained extensive experience tailoring therapy programs to a variety of cultural and linguistic populations. I speak Spanish, English and French fluently and provide therapy in all three languages. 

In 2005, I founded Holistic Developmental & Language Therapy, P.C. in the San Francisco Bay Area and co-founded Therapy House, a multi-discplinary pediatric therapy clinic with the vision of providing support for children with extensive needs including Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Behavior Therapy and Neuropsychology.  I was a consultant therapist at  Weingarden Children's Center working with bilingual children with cochlear implants.  

In 2013 I relocated to Durham, NC and founded Holistic Kids, PLLC in 2015 with the vision of re-creating a multi-disciplinary clinic in the Triangle Area where we use an integrative approach to the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders, Childhood Apraxia of Speech, Expressive & Receptive Language Disorders, Auditory Processing Disorders, Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities, Sensory Processing Disorder, Oral-motor Dysfunction, Movement/Praxis disorders and Feeding & Swallowing Difficulties.  I collaborate closely with mental health professionals to support families with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other complex needs.

I am only one of 3 professionals in NC to have completed Apraxia Kids Intensive Bootcamp for SLPs and am Apraxia Kids Recognized for Advanced Training & Expertise in CAS.  I am also trained in P.R.O.M.P.T. and integrate that with Dynamic Temporal & Tactile Cueing and a multi-sensory approach to treat CAS.  I integrate breathing & respiratory techniques with Myofascial Release Therapy to address muscle-based difficulties affecting speech subsystems (respiration & phonation).  I use a combination of affect-based, family-centered  therapy via DIR/Floortime, SCERTS, Pivot Response Training & Hanen for the treatment of language and social skill development and integrate the use of Augmentative Alternative Communication including Aided Language Stimulation through PODDS (Pragmatic Organization Dynamic Display) and Speech Generating Devices.  I provide Augmentative Alternative Communication Evaluations.  

I am trained in the the Social Thinking Curriculum and use it in therapeutic social skills groups in conjunction with video-based assessment and treatment of Pragmatics Skills.  

In January 2021 I became an accredited Triple P Positive Parenting Program provider for family coaching and now provide parent training sessions for children with behavior challenges.