How do I get started?

To get started with a speech, language, feeding or occupational therapy evaluation and therapy scheduling process, please email us at to see if we have an opening that will work with your schedule. If so, please fill out the registration paperwork on the website found in FORMS.

In-Person Therapy:

We cannot take on children who are physically or behaviorally aggressive. If your child assaults our staff, services will be discontinued. If your child is aggressive or has behavior problems, is unsafe or cannot work in a clinic environment, they may be referred for behavioral services before they can receive services at Holistic Kids, PLLC.  Children who scream often can be very disruptive to the other sessions that are being conducted so may be a better fit for teletherapy.

Children do best when their parent waits outside the room until they have settled into a routine and bonded with the therapist. Parent training is essential to a child's progress and parent observations and consultations will be scheduled in advance.  When requested, sessions may be recorded for home carryover.  Parents will work closely with their child's therapist to support their growth and needs.

Does my child need an assessment?

Yes.  All children starting with Holistic Kids, PLLC will need a new assessment if their last assessment is more than 3 months old.  We supplement with targeted testing rather than doing a whole, full assessment and decide on a case-by-case basis if additional testing is needed and what specific tests will help determine your child's needs to develop an effective treatment plan to address the whole child's needs.  All formal assessment is followed by a written report with clinical observations & recommendations.  School IEPs will only be used for gathering information but a child cannot commence treatment with only a school IEP.  

What we will need from you before receiving therapy:

1) Registration Form

2) Most current IEP (less than 1 year old)

3) Most recent speech-language evaluation (less than 1 year)

4) Most recent occupational therapy evaluation (less than 1 year)

5) Relevant psychoeducational evaluations, psychological testing, behavioral reports
6) Once scheduled, you will need to confirm your child's therapy program in writing and sign a registration contract, which is found on our FORMS page.  

7) We may consult with other specialists who work with your child, ex. outside SLP, occupational therapy, ABA, etc. We practice a collaborative approach.

What are your prices & packages?

Please email us for pricing options.

This is a PRIVATE PAY only practice.  We are OUT OF NETWORK with most insurance companies.  We are IN NETWORK with NC MEDICAID DIRECT only.  Holistic KIDS, PLLC will work with NC Medicaid to provide services.
Payment is due in full upon receipt of invoice.  We gladly accept payment in check, credit card, Health Savings Account or cash.  Health insurance plans may cover a portion of speech, language & feeding/swallowing services but families will need to submit for reimbursement directly with their individual insurance providers.  Holistic Kids, PLLC will provide invoices with appropriate coding for insurance filing purposes.  Patents are responsible for filing their own insurance paperwork for reimbursement.  Holistic Kids, PLLC will not file insurance paperwork.