Fees include direct time spent with the child and formal or informal testing, as well as time spent with the family for case history and consultation.  An evaluation report is a necessary and useful aspect of the process.

  • Testing/Evaluation                                                                  $220/hour (includes report)                                                          

  • Initial consultation (with parents only)                                       $50 (30 min. assessment plan)
    • ZOOM Consult (15 min.)                                                FREE OF CHARGE
    • Video Screening (15 min.)


  • Speech, Language, Feeding Therapy session (60 min.)         $130 (includes 5-10 min. consultation)

  • Parent training session (70 min.)                                          $140

  • Smart Palate session (50 min.)                                              $130  + $300 initiation fee 

  • Teletherapy (30 min. or 50 min.)                                          $65   / $120 

  • School  or Home-based therapy (45 min.)                             $130 (within 5 miles of office)

  • Speech Intensives (clinic & community)                               $100 per hour (half or full day)

Group Therapy

  • Group (up to 4 children) session (55 min.)                                  $120 (3-4 children)

  • Dyad session (55 min.)                                                               $130 (2 children)

  • School Readiness Group (3 hours/1 session per week)                  $300 per week 

    • *Information available upon request.              


Triple P Positive Parenting Program (children 1-12 years old)          $250 (4 sessions)

Individualized Training for Communication Problems                       $150 per hour

Home-School Support & Language Curriculum                                  $150 per hour

Therapy Progress Consult                                                                 $50 for 30 min. 


Fees include parent conferences, IEP meetings and other consult services.  Phone consultation is included.

  • School Visit (60-75 min. - includes travel 15 miles)                  $150                             

  • Training/In-service to other professionals                                $220 per hour


  • Progress report (1x/6 months)                                                    $50

  • Re-evaluation Report                                                                 $100
  • Health insurance reports                                                            $150 per request

  • Report translations (Spanish, French)                                          $15/page

This is a PRIVATE PAY only practice.  We do not accept direct payment from insurance companies.  Payment is due in full upon receipt of invoice.  We gladly accept payment in check, credit card, Health Savings Account or cash.  Health insurance plans may cover a portion of speech, language & feeding/swallowing services but families will need to submit for reimbursement directly with their individual insurance providers.  Holistic Kids, PLLC will provide invoices with appropriate coding for insurance filing purposes.